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Message from Azure Service Bus Queue to Hangfire Queue

Replacing Dead-letters with Hangfire Failed jobs

I am a big fan of Hangfire, and my evangelism of the technology at work has earned a few more users.

The dashboard is a great tool for monitoring the health of a system, and the failed jobs in particular allow you to see what calls has gone wrong.

I am working on a stock system (.Net Framework MVC) that is receiving messages sent from scanners used by the factory forklift drivers when they move stock. There have been a few dead-letters in these early days of the project, but I have failed to quickly notice them. As yet, I don not have any dead-letter alerts set-up.

The stock system however, has email alerts sent to our helpdesk whenever a Hangfire job fails.

The easy win therefore, is to pass the messages to the stock system’s message router class via a Hangfire job.

I needed to tweak the existing message router class to allow it to be queued by Hangfire:

  1. The parameters to the class constructor needed to be moved to an instance method.
  2. Any logic in the constructor should also be moved to this instancfe method.
  3. All of the parameters needed to be serialised - a parameter of type ServiceBusReceivedMessage will not work.

Pre-Hangfire message queueing:

        static async Task MessageHandler(ProcessMessageEventArgs args)
            new MessageRouter(args.Message);
            await args.CompleteMessageAsync(args.Message);

Post-Hangfire message queueing:

        static async Task MessageHandler(ProcessMessageEventArgs args)
            BackgroundJob.Enqueue(() =>
                new MessageRouter().Route(  args.Message.Body.ToString(),

            await args.CompleteMessageAsync(args.Message);

Now, instead of chasing down dead-letters, I can view them in the Hangfire dashboard:

Hangfire failed jobs on dashboard
Hangfire failed jobs on dashboard

Restoring the application’s database containing the jobs into a test system, allows you to re-run the failed job and debug through the steps taken.

Hangfire docs on passing arguments: